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Monday, June 4, 2012

Volatile queues in WCF

There are scenarios in the project when you want the message to deliver in proper time. The timely delivery of message is more important than losing message. In these scenarios, Volatile queues are used.
Below is the code snippet, which shows how to configure Volatile queues. You can see the binding Configuration property set to Volatile Binding. This code will assure that message will deliver on time but there is a possibility that you can lose data.

<!-- use appSetting to configure MSMQ queue name -->
<add key="queueName" value=".\private$\ServiceModelSamplesVolatile" />

<service name="Samples.StockTickerServ"
<!-- Define NetMsmqEndpoint -->
<endpoint address="net.msmq://localhost/private/ServiceModelSamplesVolatile"
contract="Samples.InterfaceStockTicker" />

<binding name="volatileBinding" 
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