जगदीश खोलिया: Page Life Cycle Events

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Page Life Cycle Events

1. OnInit (Init) -- Inializes all Child controls on the Page

2. LoadControlState -- Loads the Control State

3. LoadViewState -- Loads the View State

4. LoadPostData -- Control properties are set according to the received form data

5. Load -- Actions can be performed on the controls as all the pre-activities are complete by this time

6. RaisePostDataChangedEvent -- This event is raised if data has been changed in previous and Current Postbacks.

7. RaisePostBackEvent -- This event handles the user action that caused the Postback.

8. PreRender (OnPreRender) -- This event takes place between postback and saving viewstate. Till this stage changes will be saved to the control.

9. SaveControlState -- Self Explanatory

10. SaveViewState -- Self Explanatory

11. Render -- Generates artifacts at Client side (HTML,DHTML,Scripts) to properly display controls

12. Dispose -- Releases unmanaged Resource ( Database connections, file handles)

13. Unload -- Releases managed Resources ( Instances created by CLR)
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